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Reblog if it is okay if I make fanart of your OCs



Knock yourself out, there’s plenty to choose from.

I actually find this information REALLY HELPFUL when I visit someone else’s gallery and like their OCs. Not everyone is comfortable with fanart and few artists post whether or not they are.


"You’re hopeless….."
"He-Hey come on its not that bad…."
Renavie’s Hawk by the way, check out her blog and stuff ya
"Lucy…what have I done?"
"Nothing…welcome back…Natsu"
The E.N.D theory gives me so many headcanons
I want you to know that I’m here for you, if you ever want to talk or…anything
The development of Korra and Asami friendship in book 3 was so good. 
Also seeing Korra in the wheelchair was soo horrible, my poor warrior girl
My OC, I tried to draw without a lineart and I still can’t do this.
shikamaru’s hair 
Because the new Sakura design
Finally, I’ve got a time to finish this one. 
My twins OCs, Alex and Jocelyn. 
"I’m sorry Gray-sama"
"It’s okay Juvia.
Thank you”
little sketchy gruvia
Korra with her hair down and in a tank top
I need more

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